Combat Changes

Rise of the East follows a medium Rock Paper Scissors method of balancing. Emphasis on medium as multiple units have dual roles, although they are generally only “strong” at one thing and “okay” at another. Some units are 50/50 split on roles and others are strictly single role only, e.g. the Soviet Demolisher infantry who excels at taking down buildings.

Tiered defense and offense is also deployed in the mod. Meaning lower tiered units will do less damage to higher tiers, and take more damage from them too.

To start, debuffs have been introduced. Debuffs are applied via special weapons and/or support powers.
Currently only T2 and T3 units have special abilities that apply debuffs. The following debuffs are ingame as of 2.1:

  •  Damage – This indicator means this unit is doing more/less damage
  •  Armor – This indicator means this unit is taking more/less damage
  •  Speed – This indicator means this unit is moving faster/slower
  •  Attack Speed – This indicator means this unit is attacking faster/slower
  •  Disarm – This indicator means this unit cannot perform any attacks
  •  Reversal – This indicator means this unit’s damage values are reversed. E.g. damage will heal instead

There are also special case debuffs such as Tanya's Cryo slow debuff, Galewing's Cryo bomb which freezes enemies and the Tesla Raider's Shock Grenade which EMPs enemy vehicles


The mod is fast paced, to give earlier tiers a fighting chance we have introduced a Tier 2 structure separate to the Radar at a considerably increased cost. These Tier 2 structures also serve as a way of slowing down Tier 3 access, which is even more expensive.

Tier structures take twice as long to build than other production of similar cost but are heavy duty; well armored but take a lot of power to run as well.

Teching up is made worth it by further reinforcing the RPS system above, giving lower tier units a damage disadvantage when fighting against higher tier units. The difference varies between unit type, T1 infantry on average deal 60% less to T3 infantry while T1 tanks deal 15% less to T3 tanks.

T2 and T3 units also have special weapons and abilities.

Allied Arsenal East Asian Research Lab Soviet Armory Yuri Biodome

Permanent Upgrades

Upgrades is one of our most prominent feature as it introduces new mechanics to either a specific type of unit or buffs a group of units. What makes them so important is that unlike upgrades in vanilla RA2 or TS, Rise of the East upgrades do not disappear once the building is destroyed.

Currently there are 3 forms of upgrades available to the commander:

Direct Unit Upgrades

  • These upgrades affect future versions of this unit with either a new ability or a new or improved weapon.
    E.g. the Soviet Power Trip Upgrade gives Tesla Troopers and Defenders the ability to electrocute enemy infantry at a 15% rate.

Weapon Type or Unit Type Buffs

  • These upgrades affect current and future units with a buff. Typically damage, armor or rate of fire buffs. Specter's Militant Stealth Suit Upgrade is a special case as it also grants Militants with permanent stealth.

Selection Upgrade

  • These upgrades act as an additional prerequisite to a unit choice and are free/instant. Typically the commander is given a choice between two or more units and only one can be selected. Once selected that unit will become available and the other choices will disappear for the rest of the game. The only unit that utilises this type of upgrade as of 2.1 is the Tesla Tank.

    Russia is given the option between 2 types of Tesla Tanks:

    1. One that deals additional single target damage or;
    2. One with an attack that bounces onto nearby targets.
Below are a few examples of what an upgraded unit may look like in the sidebar:

sref2icon -> sref2upgiconsref2icon -> sref2upgicon


Low power penalty has been increased to a flat 50% of production speed regardless of whether your power is in red or yellow stages.

As such, the TS toggle-power function that gave the commander the ability to shut down certain buildings is back in Rise of the East.

To use it, you must first set it up in the keyboards section of your ingame options (ESC). Use it again to turn the building back online. Currently only Radars, Factories, Superweapons and Base Defenses can be powered down.


This function is useful for when you need to get your power back up to green levels so production stays at full speed.