Soviet Faction Overview




Rank 1

Iron Shell
  • Upgrades Terror Drone damage suppression by 50%
  • At T2 they are equipped with a 1 hit blocker shield. Does not replenish

Short Circuit
  • Tiered support power that shuts down enemy vehicles at random. Chance increases with tier
Rank 2

Electric Charge
  • Replaces the Sukhoi with the SU-30S - able to EMP ground targets and take out enemy aircraft
  • Upgrades the Shock Trooper to Tesla Raiders at T3. Raiders are equipped with EMP grenades

Rocket Retrofitting
  • Support power that equips Spetsnaz with hover packs, allowing them to attack from above
  • Their weapon is also upgraded and may electrocute enemy infantry
Rank 3

  • Support power that increases ROF of Tesla units in the target area by 15% for its duration
  • A 1 hit blocker shield is also applied to Tesla units at random
  • Once the shield is expired or destroyed, all nearby friendlies gain a 10% ROF boost (stackable)

Electric Discharge
  • Upgrades the TTS-1 with thermobaric shells and increases its ammo by 1
  • Also permanently overpowers all Tesla Coils, existing and new alike



Rank 1

Tank Drop
  • Tiered support power that drops 1/2/3 Scorpion Tanks anywhere on the battlefield
  • This support power is also affected by unit upgrades

  • Replaces Conscripts with the Mercenary and unlocks the Combat Armor support power
  • Combat Armor applies a tiered 20/30/40 HP shield to the target infantry.
  • The shield does not replenish but can be reapplied

Rank 2

Field Bunker
  • Tiered support power that builds a garrisoned bunker anywhere on the map
  • Reinforcements increase with tier and is affected by upgrades such as Mercenaries GP

Radiation Missile
  • Support power that launches a radiation missile at the target location
  • Has a medium area of effect but irradiates all buildings it hits for a short duration
  • Irradiated buildings let off a radiation field twice as big as the missile's own field

Rank 3

  • Increases Kirov's hover speed by 2 stages and upgrades them with a speaker tower
  • Soviet Propaganda: Kirovs will now buff nearby ground units with +30% speed for 23 seconds

Nuclear Warheads
  • Increases speed of Demo Trucks and Scorpion Tanks by 1 stage and enables the Armament SP
  • Also upgrades Scorpion Tanks with nuclear shells and a small nuke explosion at death
  • Armament equips targeted Demolishers with a nuclear mortar launcher



Rank 1

Bulava Tank
  • Increases the speed of Bulava Tanks by 1 stage and boosts their armor by 13%
  • They also become amphibious - dealing 30% extra damage to naval units

Strider Flank
  • Tiered support power that spawns 2/3/4 Iron Striders anywhere
  • Rank 3 also spawns 1 Sickle. Sickles are equipped with anti ground rockets
Rank 2

Reactive Armor
  • Boosts the armor of all light and medium vehicles by 15%

Ammo Reserves
  • Increases the reload speed of all Soviet aircraft by 30%. Also increases ROF of all units by 10%
  • Also increases the ROF of ground units by 10% and adds 1 extra ammo to the Hammerhead
Rank 3

Iron Nova
  • Replaces the Iron Curtain superweapon. Nova applies a 1 hit blocker to the targeted units
  • Once destroyed, a lesser Iron Curtain effect is applied to the unit

  • Allows the construction of the Goliath super mech via the Mechabay
  • Only 1 may be built at any moment. The Goliath is considered an Epic Unit