Of course, Rise of the East wouldn't be able to exist without the help of many good people.
Therefore, a page dedicated to all of you!

GLA Buildings and Part of desert Terrain - SCIPCION  SCIPCION BUT OTHER LINK
Client Features & Assistance | Phobos project lead - Kerbiter
Lot of work on Phobos & bug fixes - Otamaa
Rise of the East website -  SOSolacex
(Credits to Peacekeep0r for help on the general faction descriptions, Thien for helping me with unit stats)

Private Assets - Do not use without permission
2.2 snow - ayylmao
3.0 Desert terrain - ayylmao/ SCIPCION
3.0 Temperate terrain - (FW, SMxReaver)

3.0 Big/New animations (REXX etc) - ayylmao
Disruptor Warhead EXP - dennis
Building & vehicle explosions, rain, sandstorm - SCIPCION
New Plasma Trail - Ocey

East Asia Structure Design - CalmishPhill (see further down the list)
Yuri Cell Tower - Ocey & snmiglight
2.2+ East Asian Structures - SCIPCION

Maps made by Cattanker & Attenpeter require permission from them before use.

Scavenger Tank - ayylmao/Yuri_Prime
Radar jammer - crazybird
Battlemaster Tank v2, Railgun Tank, Helix, T54 model/old Battlemaster (unused) - Creator
Quad Tank, Radar Van, Toxin Tractor, Cobra Tank, Radar Van, M.O.W. - Creator
Yuri Expansion Vehicle, Athena Cannon, Aircraft Carrier - Creator
Warlord Tank - Creator | Fuzzo for the remake
A10 - damfoos
Emperor Battleship (2.1) - geno
Drifter - Kerbiter
Kirov Airship, Decimator (2.1), Cryobuster - Ocey
East Asia transport - Ocey & snmiglight
Soviet Expansion Vehicle - Salted Old
New Soviet transport - snmiglight
GLA MCV, GLA, Asian & Allied Expansion Vehicle - Yuri_Prime
Toxin Tractor, Marauder Tank, Scarab Tank, POW Truck - Yuri_Prime
(Bomb) EMP Truck, 3.0 Comanches, Paladin Tank - Yuri_Prime
Grad, Scout, Assault Crawler, Asian Ore Miner - Yuri_Prime


Public Assets - Use only if you give credits
New terrain - OmegaBolt, MooMan65, Starkku & modder666
Temperate trees - MadHQ
Other snow trees - HG_SCIPCION

Various new explosions - SMxReaver, MirceaOfRivia, ayylmao, Apollo
Some new misc. animations - Apo
New nukes, H2O exp's & flames (flames unused) - DonutArnold
Infantry Corpses - MadHQ
Aurora Explosion - snmiglight
Large parachute - 红枫

Most resized/reworked vanilla infantry - Atomic Noodles
CNC3/RA3 Conversions, GLA Infantry, Trung & Quang, Ahsan - DaFool
GLA Infantry - DaFool, Jarmen Kell shadows by ayylmao
EMP Tesla Raider - ImP_RuLz
RA3 conversions, Allied Attack Dog, Yuri Cyborg, Toxin Templar, Eradicator & baneling - kenosis
Thunderer, Incinerator, Tank Hunter, Allied Grenadier, Unit pack - Raminator
Cryo Tanya - Red crimo
Prism Trooper, Officer, Grenadier, vdv (unused), Saboteur - TransC
Hijacker - Lord Kal
Allied Pilot - ArgCmdr

New Prism Tower - Atomic_Noodles & Fryone
Soviet Airfield - Nooze, snow version by ayylmao/XxpeddyxX
Prerelease Soviet Walls - BrianPrime
Booby Trap - Damfoos
GLA Buildings - DaFool | Edits by Solacex
Tactical Nuke - MadHQ
Tempest Pike - Madhq / atomicnoodles
AA GUN - Merophage
Allied airfield - Mig Eater, snow version by ayylmao/XxpeddyxX
PRC buildings - Mig Eater
Grand Cannon Turret = NucleiSplitter
Small Hospital - OmegaBolt
AA gun turret - shepherd moons
Asian shipyard - xuetianyi

New Multiplayer Maps - please see author section in map preview

YR Empty cameo background - MadHQ
Building Corner Shape fix - red crimo

Hyena - ayylmao
Demo Truck, F22, Laser Tank & Howitzer - Azri
Nighthawk, Stealth Tank - azri_apoc
Lynx Battle Tank, ICBM - B.A.Znd 
Nuke Cannon - B.A.Znd & Dennis
Shenlong - Conman
M1A1 Abrams v2, UN M1A1 Abrams v2, Raven, B-2 Shadow, Tomahawk - Creator
M1A1 Abrams v3 - Creator, die, edit by ayylmao/XxpeddyxX
Rocket Buggy - cxtian39, upgraded turrets by ayylmao
Mastermind - cyanideT
CNC3/RA3 Conversions - DaFool
(most) East Asian Navy - daTS
Supply Truck, Helix - daz + edit for retexture by ayylmao/XxpeddyxX
M1A1 Abrams - die, edit by ayylmao/XxpeddyxX
Soviet V3 - Earthman
TT Venom - hassan_2030
Stinger - IVI
MI24, Soviet Sukhoi & Cargo Plane - KALAPS S8
EMP/Burst Drone, Iron Fist, RA3 MiG, Civilian Trains, Civilian vehicle expansion - MadHQ
Bullfrog - MadHQ (edit by ayylmao/XxpeddyxX)
Chengdu, Combat Buggies, PHZ-89, SU30-T Tesla - Midian-P
MiG - MiGEater
Hammer Tank - NucleiSplitter, ayylmao
UN Convoy Truck - NucleiSplitter
Microwave Tank - MDR
Half track, RA3 MIG, Lasher Tank v2 - Moder.U
East Asian battleships - overwatch
MLRS M270 - SaneDisruption
Splicer, Earthshocker - Salted_Old
HS-13 ICBM, EAMCV & ICBM/V5, INFERNO tank, Tesla Tank (coil guns version) - Shepherd Moons
Half Track, Prism Tank - shin.peter.pan 
Nighthawk Transport - splitter
Tesla Tank - Stingerr
Emperor Overlord - summer
Aircraft Carrier - t98766a 
Yuri Seaker - TX1138
UN Light Tank & UN Humvee, Igla Assault Chopper - unknown
B-2 Specter, Spy Plane - Zerg
HMLRS, Allied Navy, Battle Fort, Shatterer, Asian Hover Transport - Zero18


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